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Style Alert - What's Your Seller Style?

The NASP Seller Style Assessment is a brief survey that allows you to determine what type of selling style you predominately use as well as identify your ideal selling style. This survey helps you understand how your unconscious habits around selling and influence shape your identity and results.

Once you've completed the survey, your results and overview with prescriptive coaching will be presented to you. Prescriptive coaching is a tool specifically customized for YOU based on your responses to the Seller Style Assessment.

Your selling style and customized coaching plan are waiting for you at the end!

By taking the Seller Style Assessment you will:

  1. Learn why you should know your current and ideal selling style
  2. Learn why there are only 8 selling styles and how to maximize yours
  3. Learn how your selling style may hurt or help your sale
  4. Learn what sales culture will support your best opportunity for success
  5. Become more appealing to organizations looking for your selling style

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What You Should Know
  • The NASP Seller Style Assessment is interactive and fast moving.
  • It's comprised of 24 questions and takes about 20 minutes or less to complete: 10 minutes to complete your "current" seller style and another 10 to complete your "ideal".
  • You may stop at any time during the assessment and pick up where you left off; it'll be waiting for you in your profile.
  • Once you've completed the assessment, your results and customized coaching plan overview will be available to view in your profile.
Are you managing a team of sales professionals?

Have them take the Seller Style Assessment today!

  • Learn the selling style of your sales team
  • Understand what motivates them
  • Learn how to create top performers
  • Discover the selling style that fits best in your organization
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