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Have a sales question you want answered by our team?

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Brian Wright, Director of Sales for NASP, has 15+ years of experience both in B2C and B2B sales as a Sales Professional and a Sales Leader. Brian has been training with NASP CEO Rod Hairston, NASP and their sister company, Growth-U, since 2015 and is also one of the Association's Certified Advisors.

His primary focus is on partnering with the NASP members to help them maximize their experience in the community, help create pathways to tap into their unlimited capability and take their careers to the next level.

Rick Middlemass, VP of Sales for NASP, has over a decade of experience in sales ranging from door to door B2C sales to million dollar B2B consultative sales. Rick has been training with NASP CEO, Rod Hairston, and NASP since 2008 and enjoys the opportunity to brainstorm with NASP members on how they can reach their sales goals, refine their sales process and overcome challenges and objections.