Voice of Influence

Become a Voice of Influence for Your Workplace, Your Home and Your World

Introducing Voice of Influence. The newest in the 45 Day Challenge® series, combining proven daily conditioning with renowned vocal coach to the stars, Roger Love.

This program is designed to get you communicating like the pros do in just a few simple steps so that you can...

  • Become a master communicator and influencer, with the ability to influence the outcome
  • Learn and use the specific vocal and influence techniques needed to master the communication triad of physiology, tone and articulation
  • Deliver your message confidently, congruently and seamlessly
  • Find your "personal identity" so that you can stand on the world stage and be heard

It's Time To Find Your Voice

Got something to say? Want to make things happen? Then why not do something about it and find the voice and influence inside you that will change the world?

Tony Robbins did it. Brendon Burchard did it. So did Suze Orman.

So what is the thing that famous, influential people are doing, so that they can achieve more success in both their businesses and their lives?

They are changing the conversation by changing the way they communicate one-to-one, in a group, on the phone, in every way...And they're not just changing the way they sound -- they're changing the way they think from no to yes, from stop to go...Now it's your turn to find your voice, and use it to make a difference.

45 Day Challenge® Series

The 45 Day Challenge has been completed by over 100,000 individuals worldwide in the past 15 years.

With the 45 Day Challenge, you will learn to harness the power of your unconscious and conscious mind to make change - any change - an absolute reality. The program does this by consciously identifying and walking you through the Six Steps to Lasting ChangeSM: Build a foundation, break old habits, build new habits, discipline imagination, role modeling, and taking risks. Each of these steps represents the phases that people go through when making any kind of change that sticks.

Just think about what your life can be when you harness the full power of your mind and voice and break the habits that are holding you back! Imagine waking up fresh and full of energy, every day.

Roger Love

Roger Love

Roger Love is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on voice. No other vocal coach in history has been more successful in both the speaking and singing fields.

Roger coaches entertainers, performers, and entrepreneurs how to use their voices to influence their audiences, control the outcome of each communication and change the world. He has vocally produced more than 100 million CD sales worldwide, written 3 top selling books and appeared as a regular in 3 major Network TV shows.

Roger's vocal coaching film credits include WALK THE LINE, CRAZY HEART, LAST VEGAS, BEGIN AGAIN, and out this summer, ANNIE (Sony). His singing students range from The Beach Boys to John Mayer and Gwen Stefani. His acting clients are Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Pheonix, Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Rooney Mara, Zoe Saldana, Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lawrence. Roger coaches speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Brendon Burchard and Suze Orman.


You've Only Got One Voice -- Use it Well

As any great communicator knows, it's not (just) what you say, it's how you say it. With Roger Love's vocal program, you'll learn to master the way you sound, the way you speak and the way you communicate by studying the materials' that are used by award winning singers, actors, politicians, and speakers worldwide.

Change Your Focus. Change Your Voice.

Most people focus only on what they say and their intent, when the reality is that words only make up 7% of effective communication. With Roger Love's vocal training program, you will discover how to utilize the other 93% of effective communication dynamics.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Get ready to embark on a game-changing journey to unleash your potential and reenergize your life. If you want to learn the secret to achieve effective communication, influence, and vocal power, join the movement and the Challenge. Isn't it time you did something for yourself that would change your life?

So often, we make choices that keep us living in the status quo. But what if you had an opportunity to do something different? Would you take it?

Program price USD $695.00