Master the six key pillars of influence that top sales professionals and sales leaders use to set themselves apart and achieve exceptional performance and success!

Sales Mastery is a dynamic virtual coaching experience that focuses on building your skills, knowledge and strategy to perform at your highest level. Each week you will be developing the mindset that you need to consistently execute and perform at your personal best with the support and accountability of your Mastery Advisor, Sales Experts and your Mastermind team.

The most successful business leaders throughout history have always been a part of high level mastermind groups. If you seek to be a top performing sales professional or leader, and you are not a part of a dedicated mastermind group, you are already behind the curve.

To start your Sales Mastery membership, you must have successfully completed either the Certified Professional Sales Person or Certified Professional Sales Leader program and be committed to mastering sales and influence as your profession!


The program is designed around six monthly themed modules divided into weekly assignments, advising calls, and coaching calls. Each month you will focus on your next level of development and success in each category. You will move through the program with a mastermind team of high level Sales Professionals, as well as a panel of NASP team advisors and trainers.

Each month you will leverage the exponential power of concentrated focus, role-modeling, and intelligent accountability to help you desire, strategize, plan, and execute at an even higher level than you have before. As you dive deeper each week, you will explore and experience transformative growth, which will rotate in the following themes:


Develop the beliefs, imagination, convictions, and expectations needed to become the ultimate influencer in your sales performance. Growing your Sales Mindset is the main determinant in increasing your sales.


Without health, fitness and a powerful physiology, it is difficult to bring the energy and consistency necessary to be a great Sales Professional.


The ability to confidently lead someone through a complete sales cycle and create a win-win experience for both parties in the process is the measure of mastery and sales influence for a Sales Professional. Influence is when both parties take actions for their own reasons, both logical and emotional, and all involved in the process feel good about the results.


Are you putting your focus into the most effective strategy for getting the attention of your potential clients? There is only so much time in the day for prospects, and you must reach the decision makers. The strategy that you utilize in your business must be effective, efficient, and in alignment with your desired results.


As a Sales Professional, the relationships you create with your clients and customers are what defines you and your personal brand. They are your primary vehicle for adding value.


We have 86,400 seconds every day. How we organize our workflow, communications, and focus throughout the day ultimately determines long term success as a Sales Professional.


  • Online weekly coaching program
  • Monthly subscription - opt out, pause and pick back up at any time
  • Can be accessed anywhere you have a smartphone or access to the internet
  • Weekly assignments and journal
  • Virtual Vision Boards
  • Mastermind team mindtrust and support
  • Exclusive Sales Mastery bi-annual retreats and access to events

For over 20 years NASP has successfully guided thousands of individuals in transformative growth built around commitment, consistency and conditioning. This proven process is designed to expand your identity as you plan and execute your goals at a higher level.


You will capture a vision, which encompasses what you are grateful for now and what you will receive in the future. From this moment on you are in control of your destiny. You are writing your story. We show you and empower you through how to do the rest.


You must create a conscious result in order to create a new habit. All your actions are moving you towards an outcome or goal. A habit is an unconscious action that you do without thinking about and it's something you feel comfortable with. You will determine the results you're looking for from your habits.


You must create conscious reasons to prepare you to go through deception in developing your new habit. Reasons create long-term follow through. Real reasons always bring you back to your focus. If you find you are off-track or sabotaging yourself, your reasons will aid in regaining your focus.


You must wash out the old before implementing the new. It's easy to make the mistake of taking new action without removing the automatic responses that are already there - your unconscious automatic responses. This is why so many people fall short of breaking through. Responses are the big picture actions that will get you to the results you want. These are the automatic actions that we take on a daily basis to move us toward a result in our life.


Weekly Conditioning

Sales Mastery is designed around your busy schedule! You have the flexibility of participating at any time during the week.

You have one full week to complete approximately 1-2 hours of assignments, and to watch or join the coaching or team calls when it best fits your schedule. You may spread it out over a few days, or do it all in one sitting each week. You will have access to re-watch previous calls as often as needed or wanted.


Mastery Team or Individual Experience

As in all of our programs, Sales Mastery is designed as a personal and private growth journey. In this program, you also have the option to experience a whole new level of accountability, vulnerability and support by participating on a Mastermind team.

As a successfully certified sales Professional or certified Sales Leader, you are invited to join Sales Mastery.

Start Your Sales Mastery Membership

Sales Mastery is for high-level individuals who are serious about making lasting changes in their professional life. Enjoy a coaching experience designed to expand your identity and take you to the next level of success. Join the ultimate interactive mastery experience.