If you have the knowledge, expertise and time, we have an audience waiting to hear what you have to share with them.

One of our missions is to deliver quality industry resources to everyone around the world. While we enjoy sharing our own knowledge and expertise, we also realize the importance in presenting differing points of view, varied writing styles and a myriad of ideas for current topics.

To that end, we invite your participation to share what you know as well by writing articles for us.

Write for us

Are you ready to become a writer yet, or do you still need to know more about why it's a great idea?

Who can become a writer?

Anyone! Well...any member, but membership is free so no excuses there. We are interested in long term collaborations with our member writers.

We don't require you to have experience as an established writer or blogger, however you should consider yourself somewhat a subject matter expert in this industry and be certain you can write well. Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar (we wont be overly picky about that part) are a must.

Not all submissions will be accepted. In order to maintain the high quality of our articles, each will undergo a review before acceptance. We reserve the right to decline, without stating reasons, any article. In most cases we'll return it to you stating the reasons and give you the opportunity to resubmit with modifications.

Content rules and import service

We are against content theft and plagiarism. You must write in your own words and give necessary credit in your work when applicable. Although we'd like to be your first choice for an online publishing platform, we don't require that your articles be exclusive to our site; however, we will check articles for plagiarism and copyright issues using PlagTracker and other online tools.

Even if you have existing content that already appears on your personal site or elsewhere, we're still happy give you a home for it here too. We'll even give you a headstart by importing your existing articles into our library no matter what format they're in now. If you need this service, just ask.

What do you need to write about?

We will periodically provide you with topic suggestions so you'll know exactly what our readers have been searching for and are interested in.

To coordinate efforts with other authors in the network, our online collaborative editing interface gives you the ability to "put dibs" on an article topic so we don't have several authors writing about the same thing at the same time.

Even if we don't communicate specific topics, these are the general guidelines:

  • Articles: Unique topics and ideas, success stories, and case studies that provoke a healthy discussion. You have a captive and knowledgeable audience here...make an impression on them.
  • Resources: Recommended products, tools, software, books, techniques and tips that will enhance productivity. Can you write about your own products? Sure, but we don't want all your articles to be plugs for yourself. Abuse this privilege and your articles may not be accepted.
  • Showcases: Spot various industry trends and provide an objective presentation of examples.
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We're experiencing phenomenal growth. What are benefits of writing for us?

Professional Contribution

Think about all your professional knowledge. Would you be where you are today if not for others before you who shared their knowledge? Play a part in that cycle and embrace the opportunity to do the same. Share your talents, skills and knowledge with our community.

Create A Following

Writing a quality article allows you to get your name out and help build your own brand. The more articles you write, the more people you are able to reach who may ultimately become your loyal readers.

Expand Your Network

As a member-writer, you are exposed to other like-minded authors and readers. Our member tools allow you to connect with these individuals on a personal basis or over a social networking website.

Increase Recognition

Readers understand that having an article published with a professional organization means the organization values your opinion. Recognition from an established organization such as ours can help increase your personal audience. As you continue to write, your recognition only grows.


You're reimbursed in the form of "points" that can be redeemed for professional services, products, seminars, downloads...etc. You earn points by writing, having a reader comment on your article, replying to comments, having a reader share your article on a social site, and even points when someone else clicks on that social site link.

Social Media Integration

One thing our authors have mentioned is a spike in their social site followers. Sure this probably isn't a big deal for everyone, but it is considered networking...and networking is good. You never know what kind of connection you can make as a result. All our articles have links to easily share and tweet your article. If you save your Twitter account name in your member profile, readers will be presented with the option to follow you after they tweet your article.

Biography and Photo

At the bottom of each of your articles, and in a font-size that's not teeny-tiny like some other sites, you're allowed a biography and a photo of yourself. Your photo helps drive your personal branding and recognition. In addition, a link to your NASP public profile page is included which means your readers will have access to even more content about yourself and/or your company. Active links to your personal or company website are allowed for authors who consistently contribute to NASP.

Build Back-Links

When you write for us, we allow you to include a small biography as well as a link to your own website. In addition, your membership in the organization provides you with a public profile page on which you can promote yourself again by providing more links directly to your own website, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Google+ pages. Links are great for search-engine-optimization of your own content, especially when they're coming from a well respected and highly ranked website like ours.