Certified Professional Sales Person

Learn how to apply the secrets of the top 1% of salespeople in the world to:

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Effectively overcome objections
  • Create the sales habits that set you apart
  • Close more sales

The Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP®) program is uniquely designed to transform you into a top performer in sales.

  • Learn how to move your clients through the stages of the buyer's' journey with ease
  • Stop studying outdated sales techniques and learn modern sales strategy
  • Create specific habits that fuel success in today's sales environment
  • Utilize little-known techniques revealed from 20 years of modeling, interviewing and coaching the top 1% of sales people in the world

Tap into an exclusive approach that will make the difference for you

Only this comprehensive, six-week online course, which is part of the internationally acclaimed 45 Day Challenge® series, provides both the strategy and proven daily conditioning and effective behavioral training that helps you create lasting success -- the changes that will make you the best at what you do.

This program is uniquely designed to transform you into a master influencer in sales so that you can...

  • Learn the sales habits that top Fortune 500 sales teams are using
  • Learn how to negotiate the modern sale and guide your prospects through the buying process
  • Implement proven behaviors that make you stand apart as a sales professional
  • Integrate the new social and emotional needs of today's buyer into your sales process
  • Utilize customer centric communication skills to win the sale

Why does the CPSP® Work?

The CPSP builds on the strategic sales process and incorporates the emotional and psychological needs that drive it.

At the core of this powerful program, is the principle of consistency and commitment. Science has shown that the unconscious mind works tirelessly to make real whatever it has been programmed to do. It uses habits, or conditioned behaviors to execute its game plan.

Because of this, the CPSP is designed to teach you and your team how to replace current behaviors that are costing you sales with new ones that help you achieve your sales goals faster and more consistently.

This new habit programming is followed by intentional daily action throughout the 45 days of the Certification.

The CPSP builds on the strategy of making a sale and goes deep into the emotion and psychology of it by explaining:

  • The exact cycle a client goes through in the purchase process
  • The most direct way to speak to clients' individual needs
  • How to communicate with clients in their preferred style that allows for an easy decision.

7 key results that will make you a top performing sales professional

  • Learn how to use the 8 styles of communication to close more sales
  • How to access your highest level of confidence in every sales situation
  • Gain the trust of your prospects faster than the competition
  • Successfully navigate the four phases of performance necessary to consistently achieve your goals
  • Learn the proven formula to sell directly to your client's specific emotional needs
  • Understand the ways you are unintentionally sabotaging your sales and success
  • Establish and maintain instant alignment with your prospective customers
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Your Belief is Everything

Whether you are talking to a friend or selling to your largest client, you are selling your beliefs. The CPSP will help you identify where your beliefs are holding you back and guide you in aligning your beliefs with the results you want to achieve.

Change Your Focus. Change Your Career.

Most people focus only on what they are saying, when the reality is that words make up only 7% of effective communication. Learn how to utilize both conscious and unconscious communication and maximize the other 93% of effective influence dynamics.

Are You Ready to Set a New Standard In Your Sales?

Get ready to embark on a game-changing journey to unleash your potential and reenergize your life. If you want to learn the secret to high performance influence and mindset, join the movement and the challenge. Isn't it time you did something for yourself that will change your career and your life?

Now's the time to be certified

Looking to grow in sales? Want to make a lasting change? Then why not do something about it?

Change the way you approach sales and communicate one-to-one, in a group, in a meeting, presenting, on the phone, in every way. Develop your full potential and enter the new world of sales.

CPSP is for:

  • Sales executives
  • CEOs
  • Sales Professionals
  • People looking for an advantage as they get into sales
  • Business Owners

Over 10,000 sales people like you have already done it. Now it's your turn to find your voice and use it to make a difference.

45 Day Challenge® Series

The 45 Day Challenge has been completed by over 100,000 individuals worldwide in the past 15 years.

With the 45 Day Challenge, you will learn to harness the power of your unconscious and conscious mind to make change - any change - an absolute reality. The program does this by consciously identifying and walking you through the Six Steps to Lasting ChangeSM: Build a foundation, break old habits, build new habits, discipline imagination, role modeling, and taking risks. Each of these steps represents the phases that people go through when making any kind of change that sticks.

Just think about what your life can be when you harness the full power of your mind and voice and break the habits that are holding you back! Imagine waking up fresh and full of energy, every day.

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