Staying focused on goals and the things we desire is one of the greatest challenges many of us face. Goals should be set based on your values, your lessons learned, and a clear and positive mindset for moving forward. Break down your goals each month into smaller monthly goals and focus this year on your top 10 priorities.

Coaching skills can be used in creating a good performance appraisal experience for both the employee and the supervisor. Meet with staff regularly, reviewing the goals, and creating new plans for the upcoming month. The monthly review of the PLAN gives you the opportunity to really check-in with staff and support them in developing success. Coach them to succeed!

To set strategies for your business first look at the vision, the different aspects of the vision. Brainstorm and get all of the ideas out and write them down without judging them or editing them. Ideas jump off of other ideas. Many organizations have strategic plans that are well thought out and crafted, but they fall short is in the implementation of that plan.

Beliefs lead to behaviors which produce results. What are the behaviors that limit your success? The key to the breakthrough is to shift the belief. Use the tools that you have to create your breakthrough results.

Strategic leadership is defined as determining where an organization is going and how to get there. Strategic plans usually involve budgets. Strategic leadership usually involves planning. Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ.

Planning a life of success is about mapping out the aspects of your life. A life map is a valuable tool for building success year after year. You are not just driving down the road blindly. You have envisioned your destination.

Social networking is a familiar activity, meeting and getting to know people but in a totally new venue. Just like any other networking activity it takes time to make connections and time to build meaningful relationships. Use it to meet new people, make business contacts, or just to beef up your Internet presence.

Do you realize that some of the highest paid people in the world are effective sales people? Can your business survive if you or someone on your staff does not master these skills? Sales skills must be mastered in order to be successful!