From Employee to Entrepreneur

Creating Success for Herself, One Cup at a Time

Charisma DeZonie isn't just selling you coffee. She's selling you a lifestyle, and with Organo Gold as her home-based business of choice, she's on a mission to caffeinate and transform the entire world.

An overview of top sales programs today regarding their content, cost, credibility and what kind of sales people they're recommended for.

Philips Corporation is a large, Multinational corporation, but at the end of the day, for its team members and customers, it feels a lot like a family.

Growing With Philips While Giving Back

A Look at Ali Esfandiari, Director of Sales Operations for Philips Healthcare

Ali Esfandiari is at the top of his game in sales, but he didn't start out in sales. See how a man who started out in Electrical Engineering ended up discovering a dream he didn't know he had - with the support of his colleagues at Philips Healthcare.

If you're like most people, social media is an amazing puzzle of possibility. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the bevy of other sites available as a means to connect, it can leave one wondering, why in the world should I get online?

Why GQ is the New IQ - IQ isn't the biggest predictor of success anymore - it's GQ. Learn about what really makes for a successful salesperson and how to increase your GQ!

So, you're on the market to hire a sales professional. Finding a front line personality to represent your business and make the sale is never an easy task. After all, sales is what drives any business, and if you don't have the right sales team, you're not going anywhere.

Despite the huge number of sales professionals available on the job market to hire, there are limited numbers of elite salespeople who make it their business to be able to close every time. To sell like no one else. And to be the best each and every day. To find this elusive bunch when hiring, consider the following tips below. You'll be glad you did.

Whether it's the right price, the right time or the right style, being able to access your sales training program in the way that you want to access it is key in choosing a sales training program

Culture can be described in various ways --competitive, social, visionary, cautious, among others -- and different types of cultures have their place in different types of businesses. Each culture has unique employee needs that are specific to them.