If you are in sales or looking to get into sales, you need to add the CPSP Certification to your resume!

What is the difference between being externally motivated and internally motivated? More importantly, why is this difference the most important factor in determining your success?

Do you love to win? More importantly, do you HATE to lose? When it comes to a sales cycle, are you focused to winning the deal, at times at any cost and refuse to give up even when the odds are stacked highly against you?

If you think that working on sales skills alone is the path to improving sales results, you are selling yourself very, very short.

If you've ever wondered how to instantly improve your sales results, the solution is just a question away.

Is sales certification important in sales and will earning one help your career?

Whether it's one major change or a case of "death by duck bites," there may come a time when enough is enough and you decide to quit your job.

If you have a history of starting then soon stopping initiatives, you are falling victim to internal deception.

Gone are the days of the fast taking, hard closing sales rep. If you haven't changed with the times, it's high time to take a long look at your career and to decide what is best for the rest of your sales career.

What do you feel is the best approach to sales? What if I told you that I believe the best approach to sales is also the best approach to everything in your life?