I'm a huge fan of one to one sessions because they create a space for all kinds of conversations to emerge. Having spoken with a number of clients in the last couple of weeks I know that business changes have resulted in additional time pressures for sales leadership teams and one to one's have been a casualty...with fewer and in some cases none taking place.

We all have a superpower...something we are really good at. Even if you're new to Sales Leadership you will have it. Something you may not even realise you do simply because it's deep within you and so natural. It could be that you put people at ease, or you have great empathy skills, or you make people feel able to take the next challenge. It could be anything...and you may not be utilising it to its full impact simply because it doesn't feel like you're doing anything or that you normally use it in another context.

You will be finding that many of your sales team are not firing on all cylinders as they navigate the post lockdown landscape. Welcome to the human race...this is a perfectly normal reaction after such a massive disruption. This event has impacted not only their work life but all aspects of their life and it will therefore take time and your full support to get their mindset in the best possible place to navigate your customers' new map of the world.

Every good Sales Leader strives to be their best for their team...to support them, to develop them, to grow their sales success but have you considered what each person actually needs from you to be their best selves? Someone starting their sales career needs something quite different from you than your top achievers. The question is what's the foundation of your leadership?

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. News of many inspiring and talented people I know being made redundant with no job opportunities to go for...and news of growth in sectors that are recruiting because they are so busy.

The economy in the UK has shrunk by a record 20% in April due to the impact of COVID19. This is the largest monthly drop on record! To give you some context in Q4 of 2008 our economy dropped by 2.2% which was the largest drop for the entire 2008/2009 recession.

It looks like things are moving in the direction of an exit from where we have been towards the creation of the new way forward.

During the COVID lockdown, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a large number of sales people, sales leaders and sales enablement clients and contacts.

Everything you do has an impact of some sort...as will everything you choose not to do! You only have to look around the world at our political leaders to see evidence of the impact of decisions on the population and our environment. I've seen an increase of criticism of our political leaders during this pandemic, which is not surprising when there is an increase of fear.

To lead others, you have to be able to lead yourself. What do I mean by that?