To lead others, you have to be able to lead yourself. What do I mean by that?

I've had a number of conversations this week about letting go. Let me give you some context...there you were living your life before COVID19...loving some aspects of your life, accepting or tolerating other aspects of your life and maybe disliking certain aspects. Then COVID19 arrives and you are forced to operate in a new way. This event has given you new perspectives, new insights and an opportunity to shift things.

We all have inner feelings all of the time...both positive and negative. We don't always feel them because we spend so much time in our heads thinking about stuff or doing the gazillion things on our lists, calendars, planners or whatever else you use to control your world.

Right may be feeling like you're in a tunnel. You may be able to see the light far ahead...or you may only be seeing darkness.

5 weeks in and you're probably noticing a dip in energy and positivity in your sales team. So much is out of their control and the reality is well and truly taking hold.

As a Christian, Easter is a time for allowing death to occur in order for something new to be birthed. It's a time of contemplation, identifying our truth and letting go of what no longer serves us. Holding on to something simply because it's familiar and safe stops the creation of space for something new to come in. You have to create a void...a vacuum...a space of some sort in order to attract something that will add more positively to your life.

I have observed all kinds of behaviours, reaction and emotions during the pandemic as it spreads across the world. From extraordinarily inappropriate and dumb through to heroic, selfless and kind.

My office is in a buzzing and vibrant building filled with other businesses. We interact in the corridors, in the kitchen area and while waiting for our barista to make our favourite coffee. Sharing ideas, stories and anything else we fancy. Even on the days that I'm the only person in our office I still have plenty of people to chat with. As an extrovert, this is perfect for me.

Many Sales Leaders are well versed in leading a virtual team but what you will not be familiar with is leading a virtual team during a pandemic. You know what...neither am I.

It's easy to let the things outside of work affect our mood at work. It could be an argument with a loved one, a bad journey to work, financial issues, bereavement...the list of possibles is super long.