This month I'm doing a meditation challenge...each week during April I am doing a long sit with my meditation group. I've been meditating every day for three years but only for 20 -- 30 minutes once or twice a day so this challenge is a stretch for me.

Right may be feeling like you're in a tunnel. You may be able to see the light far ahead...or you may only be seeing darkness. When there is a major change in the world or in your life it's natural to feel like you're in the dark while you try to make sense of it all. Your emotions can range from feeling a bit wobbly, feeling more relaxed because of the imposed pause or you may be feeling strong levels of anxiety. You are unlikely to be feeling how you felt before the lockdown...when you were carrying on with business as usual.

It's so easy to learn new stuff...books, video's, eLearning, live training, experiences, mentors, coaches, there are endless possibilities. There are 2 ways to process new information. The first is to file it in your knowledge trunk to revisit if the need ever arises. The second is to immediately apply what you learn to see how it works for you.

I've just read an article that made me want to weep. Firstly, to weep tears of joy for the people fortunate to work for James Timpson...and secondly for the people not fortunate enough to work for an organisation that goes above and beyond to support their staff.

Just as many other sectors have had to change their business, sales and distribution models this past year, we've changed too! It's been a year since I delivered a training programme in a room with sales people and sales leaders there with me...and I've definitely missed it.

When you connect with someone's heart and mind in a way that changes their trajectory going forward something rather beautiful happens. Not only do they grow but you grow too. Not only is it incredibly fulfilling its also a massive responsibility. When you create a container of trust, magical things happen.

In the early days of my Sales Leadership I had so many outcomes I wanted to achieve: To have the most successful sales team in the history of the company For every Sales Person in my team to be a top performer To win awards and recognition for my leadership For everyone to be happy and fulfilled

Why is it so tantalising to put off the right thing till tomorrow? Deep down you always know what the right thing is...

There's a very fine line between being a Great Sales Leader and...a Not so Good Sales Leader. could take a Sales Leader from either camp and watch them do exactly the same thing and get totally different results.

Do you expect too much from your sales people? It's an easy question but the response is complex. So much depends on your own personal journey and your route to Sales Leadership. Were you a top-performing sales person...self motivated, self driven and winning mindset? Yes? Then it's highly likely that you expect too much from your sales people.