They might understand digital advertising, but too many companies lack a thorough understanding of the process behind strategic sales in the digital world. Today, Mario explains his subtle yet thorough ten-step process to launching an effective digital sales program.

The 0% Finance Sales Pitch

When zero's not hero, just like it sounds, this proposition is too good to be true.

The competition within the car sales industry is fierce. The pressure is on, as fuel prices rise, consumers are seeking more fuel economic cars. Day by day car technology advances as more car manufacturers enter the market driving the costs down. This has propelled the presence of incentivized sales pitches, like the 0% car finance offer.

There are times where it makes sense to provide a trial for free for a period of time. However, it only makes sense to do that if there is a firm commitment to award you the business if the pilot goes well.

In the constant battle for customers coupled with a bad economy, is it any wonder that some of your competition is engaging in a price war? After all of your hard work, experience and service you offer, you are now forced to reduce your prices simply because your competition is offering rock bottom pricing? Hogwash!

You may think that you have good customers and high sales volumes, but when push comes to shove, you might actually be vulnerable. It is good that you have parameters, but if you rely solely on the numbers, you end up missing the bigger picture.

An email campaign, using an email template, can be an extremely effective way to get in touch with prospects, especially if you have a long lead list and not much time to reach them.

Most people believe that writing requires skill and is an art. I believe this to be true when you are creating works of art such as novels, ebooks and whitepapers but when it comes to email promotions; I believe writing is a science. By following a simple formula, anyone can create successful email promotions.

A value proposition is a statement specifying the tangible product/service and financial benefits that would accrue to the customer if they buy the product or service. The more elaborate and specific the value proposition, the stronger it becomes. A strong value proposition invariably results in a sale. The fact that a well written value proposition garnished with hard dollars lends itself to be easily understood and compared should be borne in the minds of the business owners and managers. The customer will be motivated to buy when the benefits become tangible in terms of dollars, there are no two ways about it.

One of the new marketing trends is "disruptive selling." This is defined as any marketing strategy that is bold enough, unique enough or out of the ordinary enough to create buzz and, consequently...sales!