I don't know about you but this year has been full-on. Other than an odd day here and there I haven't had a break all year. My heavy workload and the drive to keep things going has forced the momentum. About 3 weeks ago I was starting to feel it...exhaustion! I checked my diary and this week was the first opportunity where I could take a break.

When you observe repeated behaviours in your sales people that you know get in the way of sales success, what's your immediate inner response? Frustration, irritation, anger, a need to jump in and tell them again how it should be done?

It's so easy to do or say something without realising the negative impact you could be having on the people in your team. Think of a team email that's addressing a negative behaviour that applies to a few people that you're frustrated with. How do you think that impacts on the others that aren't displaying that behaviour? In fact, they could be exhibiting the very behaviour you wished all your team would adopt. Getting a positive outcome in leadership is crucial.

If you were a top-performing sales person before you became a sales leader you may struggle to have empathy with sales people that have mindset issues that get in the way of sales success. It's not easy to understand why your sales people don't do the activities that create sales success when you never had that issue yourself.

This is the final of my dive into human patterns that you and each of your team exhibit on an ongoing basis. Understanding them allows you to recognise what's going on behind the words and to make better decisions to develop your team.

In today's dive into human patterns, you'll discover why some of your team find it easy to ride the wave of change and others really struggle by clinging on to the old ways.

In a recent blog I started a series of explorations focused on the human patterns that influence everything you do. Today you're going to dive into the third pattern...Options and Procedures. If you haven't read the background to these human patterns...you can find it here before diving into this week's blog.

Last week my blog focused on the first of the human patterns that influence everything you do. I shared how Towards and Away From influences your focus and levels of motivation. Today you're going to dive into the next pattern...Internal and External.

We all have patterns that influence the way we think and act...you and your team. These patterns adapt and change to the situation we are in. Over 20 years ago I discovered Meta Programmes...the patterns that influence everything we do. Since then I've noticed them every single day in myself and others.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed heightened emotions and an increase in judgemental opinions from the sales teams I'm talking with.