Get Back To Work!

Three Tips for Women Re-Entering the Job Market

One of the toughest career challenges for women is re-entering the job market after a break in employment. Women experience employment breaks for various reasons. If you are a woman returning to work after an absence from professional life, how do you regain the momentum lost during your time off? Here are three tips to help women and mothers make the most of their back-to-work efforts.

Is your resume getting ignored even when you know you are a perfect candidate fit? Chances are your resume isn't making it past the first 15 second test. It could be that your resume is breaking all the rules of readability. Read on to learn ten ways of improving your resume and gaining job interviews.

Most job seekers have questions about how to write the most effective resume. If unanswered the result is a poorly written resume. In today's tough job market a less-than-perfect resume means little or no job interviews. Read on to find the answers you your resume questions.

If you have trouble getting past the first job interview it could be that you're not preparing well enough. In today's tough job market you cannot afford to blow any job interview. If your resume is generating interviews you owe it to yourself to read the following 1,2,3 check list to make sure you prepare like a pro for your next job interview.